Cronkhite Homes


Cronkhite Homes has roots in the Springfield area that trace back to 2013. Since inception, we’ve successfully built over a hundred dream homes for our customers. We’re proud to call this area OUR home and look forward to serving you and your family in the near future!

It is our goal to maintain the highest standards, while exceeding client expectations on all levels. We honor commitments we make our clients and are known for meeting tough deadlines, while delivering nothing but the highest quality service and construction. At Cronkhite Homes, we pride ourselves in creating long-lasting, responsive client relationships, which allow us to meet and exceed project goals.

At Cronkhite Homes, we specialize in building homes that meet our clients needs exactly. Our homes are built and designed to fit the neighborhood they’re built in, while offering unique characteristics that are appealing to homebuyers. The biggest advantage to purchasing a home from us is that they’re typically “move-in” ready when you see them, eliminating any lengthy building process and surprises during construction. We design these homes so buyers will have minimal responsibility when it comes to customization, but smaller details such as paint color and flooring are still decided by the homebuyer. 



Your Premiere Residential Home Builder

According to Trulia’s latest survey, twice as many homebuyers prefer new residential homes to existing homes.  “New” means exactly that: a brand new property that has never been lived in before, or homes purchased during the construction phase. A sizable 41% of the population – either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly built residential home over purchasing an existing one and trends indicate that number is on the rise!

While shiny and new sounds nice in theory, what exactly is driving homebuyers to choose these homes?  Firstly, the buyer is allowed certain aspects of customization with their purchase. Purchasing a home during the construction phase, gives you the ability to select some simple customization options such as paint colors, countertops, or flooring.

Move-In Ready Homes

In addition to customization, the homes we offer are almost entirely move-in ready. Purchasing a “used” home typically requires aesthetic updates based on the buyers preferences, which extends the timeline for the buying and moving process. Most of our homes are entirely or very nearly completed when homebuyers see the home. Ideally, this gives the buyer a quick timeline for purchase and move in, typically only limited by the actual purchasing process.

Buying a home built by Cronkhite ensures that your home is designed with current home trends, the specifications for the home are well vetted, and the materials are high quality yet typically low cost. Design trends are developing at a rapid rate so even if you purchase a newer, pre-owned home, you’ll likely be purchasing a home with layouts and design that would need updating. There is also a lower risk of having any resale issues if your home is in a newer neighborhood and models current trends. Most homebuyers don’t enjoy fixing or remodeling their home when they move in and that is a risk a buyer takes when purchasing an older home. 

Warranties, Amenities, and Upgrades

A home purchase from Cronkhite offers extensive, long-term financial benefits for the buyer. You can trust that our appliances and HVAC equipment are energy-efficient and guaranteed to save you utility costs. We also take time to pre-wire our homes updated TV and entertainment systems, exterior lighting, and sometimes security systems. In addition to buying a home that has brand new heating and air, roofing, plumbing and appliances, Cronkhite Homes offers buyers a one-year warranty on all new residential and custom homes. This warranty gives the buyer further peace of mind and security when purchasing their home.

While we also offer fully custom homes for those interested, we find that our semi-custom homes typically take out a lot of the guesswork and responsibilities for the homebuyer. The homes are intended to ease the mind (and pocket) of the homebuyer by giving them immediate access to inspect and see the home in its final (or near final) state. New residential homes are widely known to be safe investments for the homebuyer and builder alike. The quality of construction and materials for the home are of concern for us as builders, which in turn gives you the highest quality end product. We strive to make our new residential homes balanced in terms of amenities and upgrades, intentionally choosing to build them in promising, marketable areas and neighborhoods.