We offer vinyl siding, brick and stone, depending on the neighborhood we are currently building in. A stone or brick exterior for a home gives the home unique and stylish curb appeal, as well as offering the buyer many advantages. Temperature control and energy efficiency is the biggest advantage of using stone or brick. The combination of brick and insulation acts as a barrier to both heat and cold and the brick acts as a stabilizer for the internal temperatures of the home. For the summer months the hottest temperatures of the day wont hit the inside of your home as quickly as they will with traditional siding. In the winter the interior sides of the wall will absorb and redistribute the heat inside the home.

Brick homes are also easier to maintain. According to Siding Helper, the first 25 years of a brick home only requires an occasional wash with a water hose. Brick homes do not need to be painted, they are resistant to termites, fire and weather and in some instances actually lower your home insurance rates.

Last, but surely not least, brick homes have a better resell value than sided homes. While brick or stone may cost you a bit more upfront, the long-term benefits are well worth the investment.