Our living rooms use the no-walls concept to establish flow and give our homes a hospitable feel. Despite being open and airy, the rooms boast some definition for those that seek a more traditional layout. Built in shelving, fireplaces and custom styled elements give our living areas a cozy, but contemporary feel. Our homes encourage a more modern relationship between the living room and kitchen area, combining the functional center of the home.

Entertaining options are nearly unlimited with our living areas that are built for everyday living and family togetherness. Our fireplaces are masterfully designed to bring focus to the main gathering space and central design element. Open concepts provide the feeling of a larger space and gathering areas, allowing for flexibility in fluidity of movement through the home. The lighting and windows in this area are a highly important component of our home design. Light can flow from several different directions when separating walls are eliminated, maximizing natural light. With our window design, our homes blend the interior and exterior spaces creating an extension to the home.