Our Process




Cronkhite Process

Phase: Foundation

The foundation is the most important part of your home! it creates the structural support needed for your home to be built straight and true. it all starts with the footings; structures where the house interfaces with the earth that supports it. Then wooden forms, which serve as a template for the stem walls, are installed on the footings, and concrete is poured into them. Your foundation walls will need approximately 7 days to set before we can move forward with backfilling the dirt against them.


Phase: Framing

Phase: Foundation

A house is made of walls that protect everything you love! Framing starts with a subfloor, then the walls are built. This process takes about a week. Your windows and doors may be delivered in this phase, ready to be installed next.


The Difference Is In The Details

"Mike and his team are very professional and build a superior quality home. They make the usual new home buying nightmare into an unusually smooth transition into the new house dream that we all would like to expect. Cronkhite Homes works well with real estate agents and has wonderful listing agents that step you through the new home buying process. Top notch outfit!" ~ Ron & Sandy
"The entire team at Cronkhite Homes made our purchase a dream! From our first viewing to walk throughs, to upgrades, and to closing they were so nice and professional! Our home is beautiful and perfect for our family. Thank you, Cronkhite Homes!" ~Brittnee
"We hired Mike Cronkhite as our general contractor in October 2015. He immediately started our house and did a great job with deadlines! Our house was completed in June 2016! He was attentive to details and always consulted us with decisions! He was very understanding and worked with us through this process giving us the home we wanted while keeping cost in mind! We appreciate all o fhis hard work and for making us feel like a priority!" ~ Cody, Leah, Wyatt, Remi & Flynn
"The whole team at Cronkhite has been amazing to work with. The construction is great and we couldn’t be happier with our new home! The way our family has been welcomed into the community is unparalleled! Thank you all at Cronkhite Homes!” ~Tina